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Why we’re building our own e-commerce software

When it comes to building e-commerce websites, it seems like there is a never ending list of options to choose from. All you have to do is Google “Ecommerce software” to get over 25 million results, from basic off-the-shelf templates to fully fledged systems targeted at enterprise customers. We’ve been designing and developing e-commerce websites at Papertank since we first set up shop in 2010. In that time we’ve reviewed, used and customised a variety of e-commerce systems as well as coding bits and bobs of our own to suit the project. Top E-commerce solutions While there is a lot of good e-commerce software around, there is also a lot of bad and ugly ones – either because of sloppy coding, very out-of-date structure, or both. Although each project is different, we often look at the following software for each e-commerce project before recommending the best solution to our clients. Magento Now owned and funded by eBay, Magento is without a doubt one the most popular e-commerce solutions. Commercially, Magento costs $15k per year just for the software. However, a free open-source version is also available with the same core functionality, albeit ...

New App: Ramblers Medal Routes

We’ve just launched our latest mobile app – Ramblers Medal Routes ( With the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games inspiring us to be more active, Ramblers Scotland have designed and launched the “Medal Routes” project to help people get to know the paths and green spaces in their local areas. Our iPhone and ...