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We’ve been walking.. World Walking

We’ve been working quietly away for a few months in the Papertank office on an exciting and ambitious new project – The project in three words - social virtual walking. To expand, the World Walking platform offers a simple, free and fun way to help you keep active, either individually or as a group. You clock the steps/miles you walk in the real world and the website/app overlays the accumulated distance on a virtual route, thus making your daily commute or gym workout more interesting. Cue pre-prepared marketing paragraphs: World Walking has been designed simply to motivate by putting the fun back in fitness to help you reap the benefits of a healthier, active lifestyle. There are many upshots to getting up and about, including reducing your risk of heart disease and helping you keep to a healthy weight and shape; but a positive attitude and a little spirit of adventure can work wonders too! If you have the determination, World Walking has the perfect virtual walk for you; from taking in the sights of top cities to trekking across a continent. Visit the places you’ve always wanted to see. Packed with facts and photos, the World Walking app ...

New Launch: CoderDojo Scotland

Last year Papertank got involved in CoderDojo, a global movement which aims to inspire young people to get involved in coding. In October we blogged about Coding at the Scottish Parliament  – we designed a basic website and live coded in HTML with 27 school pupils in the Robert Burns committe room at Holyrood. CoderDojo started in ...


Gosh, time flies when you’re having fun! Last week we marked Papertank’s official ...

Happy New Year!

Just taking the chance to say Happy New Year! We’ve been continually working on some great ...