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Setup Laravel on shared hosting

Hosting Laravel We’ve always specialised in PHP development at Papertank, but for the past 12 months we’ve been exclusively using the excellent Laravel framework for our bespoke web projects. Laravel is relatively straightforward to get set up, particularly since it utilises  the new PHP dependency manager, Composer. For a quick start guide see the Laravel Docs. Installing on a shared host is perfectly possible, although we normally use a more powerful VPS server for more flexibility and control. You’ll want to make sure you are using a decent web hosting company. This will save a lot of headache and make deploying custom apps much easier. We recommend South West Broadband in Cornwall for great value and support. Installing on shared hosting If you decide to use shared linux hosting, setting things up can be a little more footery, but following these steps should hopefully help fix main two issues: Requirements Laravel only has two main requirements which you’ll need to make sure your shared server meets: PHP >= 5.4 MCrypt PHP Extension Before you go any further however, you’ll also need to check (or ask) if your web server and hosting ...

NHS Active Staff App

For the past couple of months we’ve been quietly working away on a really exciting project with NHS Scotland. Now that it has officially launched, we can tell you all about it Each year NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde and Glasgow City Council hosts a staff walking challenge (Active Staff) during which participants work in a small team ...